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Does It Work? Pasta Boat

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WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - If you feel like you don't have time to make dinner every night, we might have a solution.  

There's a product called the Pasta Boat.  It promises to make perfect pasta in the microwave.  You can also cook fish or even steam vegetables, but does it work?  

If there's one place that knows pasta, it's Fat Tony's restaurant in Wilmington. 

"I'd say come into Fat Tony's, and you can't go wrong," said Paul Roche, Fat Tony's server and cook.  

We asked the Italian eatery to see if the Pasta Boat could live up to its claim, and this time, we'd even spice it up with a taste test. 

After 20 minutes, the pasta was finished cooking in the microwave.  Roche said it was overdone, but it still did the trick.  "The process was really easy," he said. 

But, how did it taste? 

We had some college students test it out for us.  We put a bowl of Pasta Boat spaghetti in one bowl, and a bowl of Fat Tony's spaghetti in a second. 

Immediately, UNCW student Thomas Duncan could point out which set of noodles was which. 

"I can definitely tell a difference," said Duncan.  He said the Pasta Boat noodles appeared "soggy" but the Fat Tony's noodles tasted "like pasta, like normal noodles." 

So, the Pasta Boat noodles couldn't go head-to-head with Fat Tony's, but maybe it wasn't really fair to compare. 

"I think you put homemade pasta against microwave pasta, restaurant pasta's going to win most of the time," said Roche. 

That's why we at WSFX tried it out, too.  After all, reporters seem even more hard-up for free food than college students. 

When we tested it, we had a mishap in the microwave.  We don't know what happened, but our pasta stuck together. 

"It's like a pasta log," joked reporter Craig Reck.

But, what we could save, tasted just fine.

"For reporter purposes, yeah, it works," said Reck. 

"It tastes like spaghetti," said assignment editor Justin West.  This was a good thing because we were, indeed, making spaghetti. 

It may not win any culinary awards, but the Pasta Boat certainly did the job.  Even cooks at Fat Tony's can see a benefit. 

"While it's in the microwave, you don't really have to worry about it," said Roche.  "I think it would be good for somebody that's working a lot." 

It didn't cook perfect pasta for us, but then again, we didn't hear any complaints. 

The Pasta Boat cost us about $10 in the As Seen on TV aisle at one of the big box stores, but if you order online, sometimes you can find two for the price of one. 


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