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News Hangout: KKK passes out recruitment flyers; Educator saves kids through shoe program

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WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - We're live on YouTube and Google Plus tonight at 6:30 pm EST. 

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+ KKK is passing out recruitment flyers in local neighborhoods
+ Taking a look at predatory towing (11 p.m.)
+ One educator is giving kids a running start to becoming athletes

+ How to disappear from the Internet - can you really wipe your digital slate clean?
+ 6 year old hostage in AL bunker - latest on investigation
+ Chinese hackers broke into NY Times and found passwords of all employees

Don't just watch the news, be a part of it!  You can watch the livesteam at the same time talk with Jon, Michelle, Robb, Nikki and Bob about the news.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we do it?

We use Google Plus every night.  Google Plus is Google's social network. 

What is a hangout?

A hangout is a way for several people to talk at once.  It's great for families, friends, or in our case, the news.  You can hangout in private or you can select the option to have a Hangout on Air, which is what we do for the news.  That means that our hangout streams live over YouTube.  When you host an HOA, you can also change the YouTube settings to private.

Why Google Plus?

We use Google Plus because the technology is way ahead of the curve.  We are also still on Facebook and Twitter.  We like G+ because the technology allows us to cover news in new ways.  We can interview anyone from anytime.  If we're out in the field and use Google Plus, it's like being a mobile news station.  And if we host HOAs, then we can save the recording.

Is anyone else on Google Plus?  Yes, there are millions of people on Google Plus.  We, however, are the only local news station in the country with an integrated live news feed on Google Plus.  

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